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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  October 31, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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side of a road about two months ago with shovels and rakes and i didn't know why it took it and now it's madness. >> reporter: the cars carried the players but couldn't contain all of them. sergio romo running away. where did sergio go? >> he jumped out. he jumped out and hit the streets for his fans. i'm his homey fan. >> reporter: they call his fans romo sexual. they love it. more sedate the man they call the reverend, hunter pence. you gave the pep talk credited with a bunch of wins. >> that's a bunch of empty smoke. it was completely this team played together with a lot of heart incredible performances all the way up and down our pitching, bullpen starting pitching our defense. everyone. >> reporter: everyone here seemed to have a good time.
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>> go, giants, whoo!! >> reporter: every everything went pretty well, i think perfectly a couple of minor problems, one, eh, bruce bochy's car ran out of gas. ran out of gas in a parade! but enough fans were there to push it to the final. it was quite a day, elizabeth. >> you were having fun. what was the highlight for you? >> reporter: say that again? >> what was the highlight of of the parade for you, mike? > >> reporter: being there when a ton and a half of confetti was raining down and i saw marco scutaro doing that... [ laughter ] >> perfect. >> like he did with the rain and then he did it with the confetti and it was cool. the whole day was cool. >> looks fantastic. mike, thanks. but that was only part of the celebration. once that parade arrived at the civic center, there were the formal introductions, the team presentations and an impromptu rally speech where it rained sunflower seeds. thousands upon thousands
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crammed into the civic center plaza waiting for this. ♪ [ music ] a few brooms... a little beach blanket babylon. ♪ [ music ] and bruce bochy. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: because the giants' final victory of the sweep happened out of town in detroit, giants play-by-play announcer dave fleming recreated the moment. >> here's the 2-2 pitch... strike three called! and the giants the world series! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: then there was romo... >> you look at each one of my teammates and we all got a different story. but we all had one goal in mind. we all had one job in mind. we all had one how do you say dream at mind and that's to become world series champions as a group. >> reporter: angel pagan? >> they may be a better player but i want to say something very special.
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i want to thank the fans because when we struggled during the year, i always thought the 42,000 fans every day in the field... but i want to salute you guys. i want to salute to you guys because you guys always believed in us. >> reporter: matt cain. >> we have had such an eventful year and we got romo still being romo behind us. [ laughter ] >> but i mean, this has been truly amazing. and without you guys we wouldn't be here and you guys are by far the best fans in baseball. >> reporter: and buster posey. >> the same for me. looking around and seeing all the excitement and happiness on everybody's face you realize that an accomplishment like this means more than just winning a game. >> reporter: alongside pablo sandoval, the first venezuelan to win the world series mvp, marco scutaro thank fans in spanish. [ speaking spanish ] but the
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really inside the dugout celebration was exposed on stage when hunter pence brought out the sunflower seeds. >> then after all that, tony bennett came out and sang, what else, i left my heart in san francisco. all right. a live look from chopper 5 now. pictures show you the civic center. there is a big mess to clean up. no official crowd estimates but surely into the hundreds of thousands if not a million people. all those people who poured into the city for the parade had to pour out. >> this was the scene in the past few hours as giants fans descend on the ferry terminal. lines wrapped around the building. the scene was the same at the caltrain station and bart where commuters were eager to get home and get ready for halloween. let's get the latest from cbs 5's elizabeth wenger on the commute now. elizabeth. >> thanks, guys. it was kind of surprising of the major freeways still looking okay. it's those city streets, mission, market, and all those
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streets right around the civic center that are still pretty packed as well as mass transit. you saw all those lines standing room only. jammed caltrain and bart trains, as well. so the parade wrapped up hours ago but obviously there's all that confetti to clean up street sweepers out there. i just got off the phone with the police department. they say market and mission are set to reopen any minute now. in the meantime it's van ness and golf picking up the slack so bart says they are on track to set a ridership record. these will be the three busiest stations still including that civic center stage. back to you guys. >> we posted a lot more video of the parade the crowd and all things giants including the memorabilia at and we will have more of today's amazing parade of champions including the fans who force the a u-turn in the route that story in 20 minutes. and switching gears tonight president obama got a firsthand look today at the damage caused by hurricane sandy. one of the hardest-hit areas breezy point, new york, where
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111 homes burned to the ground during the height of the storm. tonight more than 6 million homes and businesses in 13 states are still without power. 68 deaths are blamed on sandy. alison harmelin is in new jersey where the president promised help for communities that were destroyed. >> reporter: good evening. night has fallen here in atlantic city but earlier today it was actually beautiful and sunny at the jersey shore. that only made it more clear for the president the other officials who were here observing that the devastation is just everywhere. president obama arrived in new jersey for a close-up look at the damage. the president took a chopper tour with governor chris christie over devastated areas of the state where super storm sandy hit with full force. >> we are here for you and we will not forget. we will follow up to make sure
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you get all the help you need until you rebuild. >> reporter: record storm surge took out atlantic city's boardwalk. the surge brought the beach on to the main street. there are feet and feet of sand piled up as if it were a snowstorm. the real family came out on bicycles to see the devastation. >> never saw sand like that. that's due to the storm surge i think. >> reporter: farther up the shore this is what's left of the famous boardwalk in seaside heights. the roller coaster is crumbled in the ocean the ferris wheel suspended over open water. storm lifted homes off foundations and crumpled up bottles. fire continued to burn on a stream of natural gas leaks. in hoboken residents are waiting for rescues trapped in homes. the water has no place to go. >> it will take time before it eventually works out of the area or has to be pumped out. >> reporter: newark airport reopened but millions of homes are without power, streets or canals. while the clean-up is already
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under way, new jersey knows it may never be the same. now, we've seen some small signs of recovery here in atlantic city, the convenience store down the street is actually up and running on generator power. and some are considering going back into business in the next day or two but it's halloween night here and there are no revelers. there are no trick or treaters. after this storm hit, this state is still in a state of emergency. live in atlantic city, i'm alison harmelin. elizabeth, back to you. >> there are massive amounts of evacuations. where are they now? >> reporter: that's a great question. it's actually been very difficult. all of the barrier reef islands along the jersey shore were evacuated. many went inland and those hotels have been completely booked up. hotels as far west as philadelphia have been completely booked up. of course, many people staying with friends and family. schools have been canceled. it's about as chaotic as you can imagine. but as governor chris christie said, said it very well, the
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people of new jersey are resilient. they have been through this before. maybe not at this level. they simply know how to handle these kinds of emergencies and they are doing the best that they can. elizabeth. >> thank you. much more on sandy's aftermath coming up next on the "cbs evening news" for a lot of us are parents are watching the skies wondering whether the trick or treating needs to start sooner or later. let's check in with chief meteorologist paul deanno to see where the rain is now. >> that sooner rather than later is good advice because that's the rainfall already being picked up on hi-def doppler north of the golden gate. the rain is here. if you are in san francisco, oakland, hayward, union city, san jose, it's heading for you up and down 101 from healdsburg south to petaluma where we are picking up showers in marin county and sonoma county. now, oakland not raining yet. san francisco, daly city, richmond, not raining yet but it's a matter of 20 or 30 minutes before the rainfall moves in. your official halloween forecast, the rain is moving in
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quickly. it will be a steady rainfall after 9:00 so i stress earlier is better if you want your kids and their costumes to stay dry. the forecast through the first weekend of november is coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. billions for education at stake in california. what the latest polls are showing about voter support. >> more on today's parade of champions. why some fans witnessed a surprising restart. ,,,,,,
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now just six days away... it now appears california vs are making up their minds on some of the mo campaign 2012 election day now just six days away. and it now appears california voters are making up their minds on some of the most talked-about propositions. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee gives us the low down. >> reporter: this is the last poll we expect from surveyusa before election day. so what do we find? a lot of unsure voters have been making decisions and now
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it looks like this is really affected which props and which ones will die. >> say good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> reporter: governor brown has made it his personal mission to get proposition 30 passed racing state income tax for those more than $250,000 a year funneling six billion dollars into schools and universities and support may be rising. it needs more than 50% to win. three weeks ago only 45% of voters said yes and there was a huge number of undecided ones. now looks like the governor's initiative has enough to ee. k it out with 51% planning to vote yes. >> let's see how two ballot measures measure up. >> reporter: the new numbers look grim for the competing measure of prop 38. it would raise the state income tax for almost all californians for schools and preschool programs. the latest polls show it is losing with 55% saying no. how do californians feel about
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the death penalty? the newest poll shows they want to keep it. 51% said they would vote no on proposition 34 which would uphold the death penalty. 41% say they will vote yes which would prohibit the death penalty and replace it with life in prison without parole. food labeling has become a hot button issue. prop 37 would require companies to label processed food made with genetically modified organisms or gmos. in september, it looked like it would pass with 51% saying yes to the new labels but the latest poll shows that position has reversed. now it is not likely to pass with 51% saying no to the new labeling requirements. so this poll also got a sneak peek from early voters. surveyusa found that the support for governor's prop 30 among those early voters was even greater than the 51% that we saw from likely voters. and surveyusa also called those bank bats and says this makes
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it more likely to pass. >> thank you. other headlines around the bay area police arrested a stockton man in connection with the body found in a garbage can in pleasanton over the summer. investigators linked 30-year- old javier sandoval with the murder of 25-year-old anna flores penne da. investigators say more details will be released later. thousands of nurses planning a one-day strike tomorrow against 7 east bay hospitals affiliated with sutter health. the hospitals are in alameda, contra costa and solano counties. the nurses union says management is trying to chip away at health coverage and other benefits. the hospitals say they will stay open with replacement nurses. a san jose police officer will be honored tomorrow for his role in a daring rescue of an 11-year-old hostage back in january. officer mauricio jimenez will receive the medal of honor putting his life on the line charging at a gunman to rescue the little girl. the 12-year veteran is one of
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10 officers to receive the department's highest award for bravery. the northeast still struggling with the aftermath of sandy. the progress being made to reopen the busy airport corridors. >> and paper, plastic or filth? the stomach churning study on those grocery bags we're often required to carry. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the markets re-opened today after hurricane sandy forcen historic 2-day closure. trading went smoothly -- bue the markets reopened today after hurricane sandy forced an historic two-day closure. trading went smoothly but the dow lost 10 points. the last time the new york stock exchange closed for two consecutive days of weather is during the the blizzard of 1888. laguardia still closed today because of sandy. you can see from these pictures the airport looks like a lake more than an airport. not clear when it will reopen. other airports at the northeast traffic slowly getting back to normal but there are still major flight delays. from the south bay to san francisco, more and more cities are banning paper an plastic grocery bags. but on the consumerwatch julie watts is here with a warning
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about their reusable replacements. >> reporter: well, simply put, your reusable grocery bags may be as dirt as your underwear. that's the finding of a recent study out of loma linda university. researchers tested reusable bags and found the same kind of bacteria as is typical in dirty underwear. >> overall we found that 10% of the bags had e. coli, about 50% around there had coliforms and almost all the bags had some kind of bacteria. i don't think anybody wants fecal bacteria in their groceries bags. >> reporter: many folks store the bags in the back of the cars. a warm dark place. the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. scientists reese sently traced the 2010 norovirus outbreak to reusable bags. treat them like you do your underwear. watch them. the study found standard washing machine cycle kills the
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potentially harmful bacteria. you need to do it for -- >> clorox might help. >> i might throw in some bleach. >> twice. all right. it's kinds of scary. paul has a big green blob out there. >> it is a blob and it is on the move. it's moving to the south. i tell you what. as soon as this newscast is finished since we want to you watch get out there and do some trick or treating with your kids because in is on the way. it's already there if you are watching us in marin, sonoma and napa valley. it's heading quickly south. that means you in novato and mill valley and richmond and vallejo. it's a matter of about 20 or 30 minutes before the rain begins. south of the golden gate including san mateo, palo alto, redwood city, hayward, fremont, you likely have another hour or two before the rain moves in but once it gets here it's not going to move out for hours. we are stuck with the clouds. cue the birds swinging by our
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camera now. livermore 64. downtown san francisco 62. and san jose 63 degrees. low pressure off the western washington and west coast. not as big as sandy but it has a counterclockwise swirl slamming into the northwest but the southern edge of it is moving into the bay area. you see the rain in inland sections of northern california. chico and redding getting a lot of rainfall heading in our direction. it arrives tonight. it will impact you coming up from about 7 or 8:00 onward even in the south bay. half inch of rainfall. quickly it moves out. we'll get sunshine as soon as tomorrow afternoon. then it's all about this big area of high pressure strong area of high pressure which will keep us mainly dry for several days after, unfortunately, halloween night. so rain likely through the morning commute. you will get some sunshine late tomorrow as that front races through. then the weekend looks very sunny very warm very unnovember- like. tomorrow, uner 60s, oakland 68,
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concord 69. san jose morning rainfall 67 for a high. pleasant hills 70 with some afternoon sunshine. you'll clear out the quickest towards santa rosa because you're getting the rain first, your high 70. extended forecast dry sunny, beautiful over the weekend, 80s inland and dry through election day. the one fly in the ointment is tonight. bad timing. >> thank you. one of the oddest moments during the parade of champions something they call the maneuver. thousands were at the foot of market street when the parade began a few blocks away at stewart. san francisco police avoided a major league disappointment. they rerouted the cars carrying the players sending them east to the fans who were left behind and had them double back to market street. that unplanned detourment a tight turnaround for some of the vehicles in the parade and some of the parade's floats
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actually couldn't really pull that off. cbs 5 sports anchor vern glenn talked to one faithful fan who knew her giants would come through. >> reporter: watching all the festivities going on a block away. >> we're hopeful they are not going to disappoint us. we're waiting. >> they didn't disappoint. after pulling off the maneuver, they headed back up market to the civic center celebration. being obese increases the risk of pregnancy for both mother and baby. but obesity also makes it harder for a woman to get pregnant in the first place. dr. kim explains a growing number of women are going under the knife to change all that. reporter: this woman always dreamed about being a mom. >> awesome. >> reporter: but seven years ago, it didn't seem possible. she weighed 340 pounds, had high blood pressure and was prediabetic. her doctor gave her devastating
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news. >> the chances of my conceiving naturally would be very slim. practically impossible. >> reporter: the 33-year-old said that was her wake-up call. >> so that's when i started researching weight loss surgery. >> reporter: a surgeon says a growing number of obese women are resorting to surgery to help fertility. >> having excess fat changes the concentration of the hormones that actually regulate menstruation and ovulation. >> reporter: it's estimated about half of american women over age 20 are overweight or obese. experts say losing even 10% of your body weight can help improve fertility and help prevent pregnancy complication. >> a higher chance of miscarriage. there's a high chance of high gestational weight babies secondary to gestational diabetes. >> reporter: she lost 66 pounds in the first six months after surgery. she also get a big surprise. >> yes. i was pregnant. >> reporter: she now has two boys and weighs 160 pounds. >> if someone would have told
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me then that this would be my life now, i would have laughed in their faces. >> reporter: she says she is happy with her weight and even happier with her family. now, experts recommend waiting one to two years after bariatric surgery before conceiving. this will help avoid exposing the baby to the mother's rapid weight loss. women who have had the surgery need to be screened for nutritional deficiencies and other complications. >> thank you. we'll be right back. we'll show you sandy's path of destruction from the air. some say parts of it remind them of the world war ii bombings in europe. that's tonight on the "cbs evening news."
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here's what we re working or the 6:00 news. a follow to a story we b : a bitter i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. a follow-up to a story we brought you last night a bitter bay area campaign that has gotten downright nasty.
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tonight, the new undercover video that a political consultant says proves a councilmember's husband is lying. >> and why are schools always asking voters for money while other agencies seem to get funding at will? the budgeting and lobbying that has california spending more or jail cells than on classrooms. those stories and more at 6:00. >> thank you. see you then. >> "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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